Montag, 27. Mai 2019

My Advice to Founders + Anyone Starting Their Own Business

Here is my advice when you are about to start your own business.

No matter what business you start, at a certain level it is all the same. 

#1 Get a Coach

Look for someone who is able to help you out by giving advice to you. The best thing was if this person has already achieved what you want to achieve. For instance, my own Coach is successfully running multiple companies. It may cost you money but investing in yourself is the best thing you can do!

#2 Manage yourself as a boss and employee in one. 

Enjoy the freedom and flexibility regarding time, appointments and mindset - you are your own boss now. Because of this: negotiate clever and be tough as nails regarding your ressource planning, even more with yourself ;)

#3 Go with the flow 

It is easier for me to accept the limits or moods of my employees than accepting my own. But if I hit the floor because of sleep deprivation or anxiety, my business will go down, too. Thus: 

#4 Be kind to yourself

... as you do already have proven that you have the courage to walk your own path. Being kind to yourself will help you to not crack under the pressure. 

#5 Fun is the most important thing

Life is too short. Never forget that stress is a powerful force. Do always remember that fun is what this is about. The rest will follow - #lawOfAttraction 

Wish you much success with your business and all the best! 


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